Health and Fitness is Hard!

Toowoomba, today I wanted to talk about something that a lot of people overlook, or pretend isn’t there when it comes to joining a gym…

Health and Fitness is hard.

The best thing a person can do for their mindset for this journey is to stop pretending or wishing that it wasn’t. Because it is.

It’s hard to get out of bed early and train.

It’s hard to make healthy choices day in day out.

It’s hard to meal prep.

It’s hard to work around kids, work, relationships and the 47,000 other things you have to do in a day.

But you know what is also hard?

The alternative.

I know, I have been there.

It’s hard having no self confidence.

It’s hard holding yourself back from social activities like swimming, because you’re so worried about how you look with your shirt off.

It’s hard not being able to run around after your kids.

It’s hard to face the facts that the length of life, and quality of those years will take a severe punch to the guts.

Here’s what I am trying to say…

Whether you actively invest in your health and fitness, either way it is going to be hard.

The best part about all this is that the choice is yours, and yours alone.

It is never too late, or too early to improve your health.

To do something for you.

The biggest piece I could give anyone starting out, or restarting is that it will be hard.

Don’t wish it wasn’t.

Embrace it.

It will be difficult, and that will mean a lot to you when you are looking back on what you have overcome.

You will take pride in the fact that you didn’t give in. That you battled your own demons and won.

You overcame the odds because you knew it was going to be hard, so you just got on with it.

The more you wish for things to be easy, the more you give up your own power to take control of the situation.

When you accept the fact that this journey is hard, that this journey takes time and energy, and an enormous amount of will power – you rise to the occasion.

Despite what you believe about yourself, or how many times you may have tried and failed, you can do this.

Still don’t believe me?

Imagine there was a gun to your head, and you had to.

Bit grim, but it always helps me with perspective.

Hope that helps!

Owner of The Bar and guy who has lost 30kg himself

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