4 Reasons You’ve Got No Energy, and How To Overcome Them To Get It Back Today!

Hey everyone! On The Bar Toowoomba Gym Page I outlined the biggest reason people have NO ENERGY!

I’m gonna take that further – with 4 things you can do today to get it back…



I have met 100’s of people who have told me the same thing…

“I feel like I am tired all the time”

“I just struggle to make it through the day”

“Between work, kids, stress and everything else, I don’t feel like I have the energy to even get to the gym or do something for myself”.

People lead such busy lives, which are normally full of things that are important to them they’d just love to make a bit easier!

So what can you do to FIND MORE ENERGY?

#1 >>> Move more…

I know it sounds contrary to what we first think – “If I am already tired, how is moving around going to help?”

Well, the more we move, the more energy our body generates for us.

In fact, if you were to spend even 10 minutes, moving at a low intensity pace per day, it has been shown that you can increase your energy BY 20% and decrease your fatigue BY 65%!

When you are tired, move more, not less.

For me, when I need to remain focused and really perform to get through large amounts of work, here’s my rule of thumb.

Every hour, on the hour, I’ll do 100 star jumps.

They’re simple, effective, and I can do them without leaving my office.

#2 >>> Drink Water!

You would be surprised how many people in Australia (even in this group) do not get enough water on a daily basis.

Water is part of almost every primary function in the body, including digestion and deriving energy from the nutrients we eat.

Most people I meet are still on the old standard of 2L per day. It’s a great place to start, but it does really need more than that. Especially in Summer!

You should be aiming for 1L/25KG of bodyweight. Try getting closer to that today!

#3 >>> Stop Eating (and Drinking) So Much Shit!

We justify it all the time! ‘A sugar hit will be what I need to get me through this workload’

‘I need a Monster, RedBull, Mother to get me through’.

It’s a short term play.

The trade off though is not actually helping you.

When you spike your blood sugar and your body has to regulate it rapidly with insulin, we feel drowsy.

You want more energy?! Stop eating so much shit.

Go eat some real food and tell me how you feel 😀

#4 >>> Spend Time On You

It is so so so so so so easy to get caught up in all the things we have to do in a day.

When was the last time you actually made a bit of time to stop, and connect with yourself?

Take 10 minutes out of your day with no distractions.

I MEAN ZERO DISTRACTIONS > no phones, laptops, emails, kids – nothing!

Use that time to practice doing nothing and just notice how much energy you have when you get the chance to cut through all the noise!


Hope that helps!

Owner and guy who has struggled with energy himself!

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