16 Fitness Transformation Tips from Our Members

Recently I asked our members for some help. I wanted to do a collaboration with people who have been through the journey of fitness and health themselves. Here’s the best 16, including my 2 cents on each as well.


Number 1.

Damien: Let it become a lifestyle change.

Lochie says: Lifestyle is a word that is often overused and a little cliché with health and fitness. My tip on making it a lifestyle… it needs to mould seamlessly around all of the other important areas of your life, and should genuinely be enjoyable!


Number 2.

Lisa: Ensure you have a strong support network to help through the good and bad times…Helped me to keep accountable.

Lochie says: Community is a massive asset for transformation!


Number 3.

Zayne: Set specific, achievable goals with challenging timeframes/deadlines. I set or evaluate new goals before I achieve the previous. This way you are perpetually working towards something. And tell people what your goals are, this will make you more accountable.

Lochie says: Couldn’t agree more! So many people struggle right after achieving a massive goal. Complacency can hurt progress a lot!


Number 4.

Brent: Preparation is the key. If it’s with your weekly meal plan or sessions at the gym. If you haven’t got a plan you won’t succeed!

Lochie says: Awesome tip. I always encourage our members to spend even a small amount of time planning and preparing for their week ahead on a Sunday. It makes the whole experience so much easier and more fun.


Number 5.

Beau: It doesn’t matter what you have going on in your life, you should always have time for yourself

Lochie says: not much more to say really! We all know it’s true, but so few actually live by that standard.


Number 6.

Kat: Make sure you’re surrounded by people who support you and motivate you to grow. It’s what made the difference for me, the only time I’ve consistently lost weight is since being at the Bar.

Lochie says: there’s that ‘community’ thing again! Powerful stuff.


Number 7.

Kunal: Commitment first. I believe it does not matter how busy you are, you need to commit first. “I will do x sessions a week, no matter what”. Push yourself.

Lochie says: can’t argue with that! If it’s a part of your lifestyle, you know you need to do it no matter the circumstances.


Number 8.

Alex: Train with someone else, it’s so much easier to get out of bed in those early mornings or just simply to stay on track when you know someone is there waiting for you, and doing it with you.

Lochie says: I trained for years on my own, and whilst it is possible it’s lonely! I go out of my way to make sure I can train with other people here, even if I have to turn my schedule upside down.


Number 9.

Karen: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Lochie says: New things are scary. Scary is good. You should always have some scary in your life I think.


Number 10.

Mick: Always listen to Lochlan.

Lochie says: …


Number 11:  

Emily: Genuinely make the decision that the change, your goals, your commitment is for you, and for a better you.

Lochie says: Doing something for yourself is amazing, and you should feel amazing about it!


Number 12.

Karen S: Your first step into a healthier and fitter life style takes total commitment which means body, soul and mind. You can work your body till the sweat drips off but if your mind isn’t in the same place it’s not going to work. Your mind can rule your achievements and defeats. Healthy mind, healthy body so before you start make sure your mind is clear of doubt, your focused, your body, mind and inner self are working together then your strength within you will shine.

Lochie says: Agreed! If you can master the space between your ears, you can do anything!


Number 13.

Shani: Be consistent. Make choices and implement regimes you can stick to consistently. Nothing will change overnight so start with a manageable system of food choices and regular exercises for a consistent lifestyle.

Lochie says: Smart! Everyone’s schedule and choices will look different. Get it set up for results for your lifestyle.

Number 14:

Jess: Persistence – don’t let a bad day be an excuse to fall of the wagon. Refocus, visualise what it is you want to achieve and how you’ll feel when you get there.

Lochie says: There’s 2 kinds of gym people on a ‘bad day’.

One that doesn’t go because the day has been terrible, and ends up feeling worse.

One that does go, and uses the gym as an outlet, and feels better.

Which one are you?


Number 15:

Emily: Don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes you have to cha-cha to get where you’re going.

Lochie says: I’m not much of a dancer, but I think what Em is saying here is that you will fail at some point. It is how you handle that and keep moving forward that determines your success.


Number 16:

Simon: You have to make the choice to change your life style, it can not be done for you.

Lochie says: Totally agree! We can give you all the help and support in the world, but at the end of the day if you want things to change, first you must change!



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