Our Top 4 Tips to Growing Stronger

So if you’re sold on Strongman, Powerlifting or Calisthenics as a means to growing stronger, then you should have a read through the following list for your success now and in the future!

1. Smarter, not Harder
The first thing we encourage is for people to be smarter about their performance based training, and that working harder and harder may not necessarily be what they need to progress with strength. Doing more and more isn’t always automatically better with Strength. It’s about the smart and strategic use of volume and intensity.

2. Build it on Concrete
Get your technique down first. If you don’t, it’s like trying to build your house on sand, it’s just not stable and doesn’t work. Build your house on concrete. Get your foundations right first before prioritizing load. Be sure that your technique is correct, and that any major imbalances that you have are worked on. Stability is a precursor to strength.

3. Practice does not make Perfect
If you haven’t taken the time to set your foundations, then you might be wondering why it is that you may not be able to break a specific plateau. Often it comes down to technique. Most people assume that dropping back the weight and just increasing the volume more will have them fix the issues. This will not correct the issue in most, if not all cases. We encourage having a look at what’s occurring on a deeper level. If you’re rounding too much on a deadlift at submaximal loads, check out the contributing factors. Are your spinal erectors strong enough? Are you setting your lats at the beginning of the movement? Is your hinge pattern in need of some help, which causes the bar to move away from your body and forces more load through the back? Correct these issues with your assistance work, and you will have a much better time!

4. Get a Coach
If that last point didn’t emphasise it enough, we’ll say it here. Get a coach! Have someone who can assess what is happening from an external point of view, and who can give you smart feedback to correct issues. A good coach is also someone who knows how to effectively use periodisation in your training, in combination with the right assistance exercises and other factors to have you grow stronger!


If these points aren't quite making sense, or perhaps are too familiar, then do not miss the opportunity to book a complimentary consultation below!

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