11 Tips For Sustainable, Long Term Fat Loss

1. Diet is King

The biggest thing for us to emphasise with Fat Loss, is Diet rules over all. The gym is a place where you come to get fitter, faster and stronger, and certainly has a massive contribution to fat loss. But, if at the end of the day you’re eating too much, you’re not going to progress in terms of fat loss.

2. Intake

With your diet, a massive factor that we can control is intake. Intake is most clearly represented by the number of calories that you are consuming in a 24 hour period. Calories are the energy that we take from the food we eat. They’re used to power your system, everything from breathing to thinking to training. The right amount is paramount.

3. Output

Your output is represented by calories as well. Calories are simply a unit of measurement (like measuring a football field with metres). Output will be determined by all of the action that your body takes in the same 24 hour period. Output of course is a big variable and the amount of energy being used by your system is governed by exercise and intesity; how physical your job is; how much sleep you’re getting; and how much you move in general.

4. Battle of the Gods: Intake vs. Output

Continued sustainable fat loss comes down to one thing, the right Caloric Deficit. When you compare intake to output, you’ll see whether you’re at one of three positions: Caloric Surplus; Homeostasis (maintainence); or Caloric Deficit.

More calories in then out = Caloric Surplus = the body storing energy = fat gain
Same calories in as out = Homeostasis (maintainence) = the body continuing as it was

Less calories in then out = Caloric Deficit = the body using stored energy = fat loss

5. The Right Deficit

Less is more in this situation. For continuos and sustained fat loss, you’ll want to be in a slight Calorie Deficit. Too much of a gap between Output and Intake, and you won’t give your body what it needs to function. When you don’t put fuel in your car, it’s more than likely not to go anywhere, except downhill.

6. Performance Based Training

With the aforementioned 5 tips above, target your training towards performance, rather than just fat loss. The gym is a place where you get fitter, faster and stronger. There’s no better experience than seeing yourself develop physically as a person. Utilise it as another goal to keep you on track!

7. Compound Based Movements

Luckily, these guys go hand in hand with performance based training! Focus your exercises around Pushing; Pulling; Squatting; Lunging; Bending and Rotating. The more joints and musculature you can involve in an exercise, the more energy it will burn, and the higher your output will be! If you were paying attention earlier, you would have noted how getting that output up will help!

8. Man vs. Machine

There’s nothing wrong with machines, but emphasise your training around free weights. Unlike machines, they don’t follow a fixed and secured path, which means there’s more instability. Instability is a good thing, and has you recruit stabilising muscles. These guys are really important for general function and performance, all the while helping you burn more energy than compared to the same movement on a machine!

9. Quality over Quantity

Too much time in the gym is not necessarily a good thing. If you’re spending more than 2 hours here a day, then you either work here, or you’re a really good procrastinator! Utilising performance based training, you’ll be more efficient with your time. Anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half in most cases will do the trick, but that of course in itself is dependant of a lot of factors (which is why you need to come and talk to us in person!).

10. Get a Coach

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” – Tom Landry

Now we recognise that you’re probably fired up to get started on your change. Great! We don’t want to take that away from you, but just imagine the results you could cause by having that motivation 24/7!

11. Book a Consultation
This one is the most important. Book a consultation with us, for free, to see exactly where we need to individualise these tips for you. Hit the button below, and we’ll hook you up with a 30 Minute Consultation. Normally we would charge $65 for this service. Let us make a difference to your health and fitness! Ready to Lift Your Standards?

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